Merion’s Produce Hut

Merion’s Produce Hut – Closed Permanently Twenty-seven years ago, John Merion opened Merion’s Produce Hut in Concordville. Retired for three months from owning IGA Supermarkets, he wanted to do something that kept him in touch with people, and played on his farming background. Sadly, it has been closed permanently due to John’s health issues. He […]

Ivy Mills Slave Quarters

A two-story structure with a fireplace, believed to be where the family slaves were kept in the early years.

Ivy Mills Root Cellar

  Built into the hillside in two stages just behind the main house, the root cellar stored provisions before refrigeration became available

Ivy Mills Icehouse

Ice was cut from a pond once located straight down the hill from the ice house, toward Ivy Mills Road. There are several squared outlines remaining for openings in the interior and side walls of the building. The largest was probably to provide a space through which ice was lowered into the ice pit; the […]