Concord Township Historical Society was formed in 1967 after the Pole Cat Road House was sold for $1.00 to Concord Township as part of the development provisions for Fox Valley, an early housing development in the eastern end of the township. In order to restore the house and preserve it for the future, Sam Upperman, a Township Supervisor at the time, gathered a group of concerned citizens at his home on January 30, 1967 to form the Society and raise funds for its restoration.

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Sam Upperman owned the Old Mill Restaurant
on Brinton Lake Road, near Mill Road where Sam lived.

  1966 Plans for the Fox Valley Develoment,
showing Concord Township as the owner
of the lot directly across from Fox Valley Lane


The Society is a non-profit volunteer organization, open to the public, whose Mission is to collect, preserve, and share our local history.

In 1992, the Township Supervisors invited the Society’s collection to be housed in the historic Pierce-Willits house at 659 Smithbridge Road, which is where the Society’s headquarters and the Virginia Merion DeNenno History & Educational Center are located.

The Society is governed by a Board, which includes the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The key areas of interest and associated purposes of the Society are:

Collections – to document, catalog, and care for the vast collection of artifacts, papers, photographs, books and other objects that have been collected over the years and which reside at the headquarters of the Society, the Pierce-Willits House.

Research – to uncover historic information regarding family ancestry, deeds, culture, agriculture/industry, and social customs of our early history.

Museum  (Virginia Merion DeNenno History & Educational Center) – to educate the public about our historic heritage by showcasing our local history through exhibits, objects, documents and the stories they tell.

Buildings & Grounds – to care for the two important historic properties that are managed by the Society:  The Polecat Road House and the Pierce-Willits House. 

Membership – to increase membership and volunteer participation in the Society’s activities, programs, events, and areas of interest.

Public Relations and Fund Raising – to increase public awareness of the Society and its activities through newspaper articles, our website and Facebook page;  to raise funds through our membership and donations; and to promote our annual programs and events.

Education – to promote the inclusion of Concord Township’s history in the Garnet Valley School District curriculum, more recently through the fifth grade visits to our museum.