Robert Wilson House and General Store

The Robert Wilson House and general store is a stucco and brick 2 1/2 story house located within the Clayton Park historic area in Concord Township.
Robert Wilson, a successful merchant, purchased 9 acres from Joseph and Sarah Way on January 28, 1732. Mr. Wilson operated a general store in the basement and main level of the house, and lived on the second floor. The basement of the property contained several arched brick storage chambers, and housed goods such as rum, cider, molasses, and sugar. The Wilson General Store was noted by Henry Ashmead that “all business transactions were conducted in an honorable and straightforward manner.” There was a neighboring general store owned by John and Simon Gest located only 300 feet away from the Wilson store, and the two were highly competitive. The 1766 valuation of both stores were around 200 pounds, with the Wilson store valued slightly higher than the Gest store. The property was sold to John Peters in 1766 after Wilson’s death, and it is noted that John Peters also purchased the inventory for the store, indicating he continued operation of the business. By 1799, Caleb Perkins purchased the property, and also likely continued operation of the store.
This house is a private residence and not open to the public.
Concord Township Historic Resource #91