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First Telephone Switchboard

January 17, 2020

Village of Concordville: The First Telephone Switchboard in Concord Township K . Jester house, circa 1870, Resource # 174 on the Concord Township Historic Resources Inventory The Village of Concordville grew during the mid-late nineteenth century, with homes and businesses to support the growing agriculture in the township. Located at the intersection of Baltimore Pike […]

Merion’s Produce Hut

August 17, 2019

Merion’s Produce Hut – Closed Permanently Twenty-seven years ago, John Merion opened Merion’s Produce Hut in Concordville. Retired for three months from owning IGA Supermarkets, he wanted to do something that kept him in touch with people, and played on his farming background. Sadly, it has been closed permanently due to John’s health issues. He […]

          circa 1870

December 17, 2017

Christmas Time Traditions By: Karen Kendus, Concord Township Historical Society The end of the year offers a multitude of family get-togethers and holidays to celebrate. For my family, we celebrate Christmas, and find every reason there is to get together. Just this week, the women of my husband’s family (now including me) have started to […]

History Unlocked – October 2017, Halloween!

October 17, 2017

Halloween! By: Karen Dingle Kendus, Concord Township Historical Society I have always loved Halloween. Since I was born early Halloween morning, my parents always made sure we did Halloween completely. Our old farmhouse was decked out in decorations, and my creative parents would make a different costume every year. And they would dress up too. […]

History Unlocked – August 2017, Early Auto Laws

August 15, 2017

Early (and Absurd) Pennsylvania Automobile Laws By: Karen Dingle Kendus, Concord Township Historical Society When my husband and I started looking for a house last year, we had a list of must-haves. I needed a two car garage, a spacious kitchen, and at least two toilets (they did not have to be full bathrooms). My […]

Concord Mill, heading up the hill on Thornton Road toward Trimble Road.
Early 1900's

July 19, 2017

The Mills of Concord Township Originally written by Karen Dingle Kendus on behalf of the Concord Township Historical Society in July 2017/Updated August 2021 Milling was one of the first industries to come to Concord Township, which was incorporated in 1683. Grist mills, which processed flour, were not the only type of mill in the […]

Photo courtesy D.G. Yeungling & Son, Inc., who likely travelled the Wilmington-West Chester Pike and stocked the taverns along the way

June 23, 2017

Taverns in Concord Township By: Karen Dingle Kendus, Concord Township Historical Society When I was a child, summertime meant road trips, battlefields and hanging out with my cousins. My parents liked to mix family visits with anything else we did so that we could keep in touch at least once a year, (and have a […]

History Unlocked-June 2017, Temperance

June 17, 2017

The Temperance Movement in Concord Township By: Karen Dingle Kendus, Concord Township Historical Society Previously, History Unlocked discussed the history of taverns and public houses in Concord Township (Taverns in Concord Township – May 2017). Not everyone was thrilled about the flow of liquor through the community. For the religious leaders in the township, especially […]