Womens Right to Vote – 3 women

In honor of this Centennial Anniversary of the Women’s Right to Vote, we celebrate three women in Concord Township who had the courage and conviction to make their vision a reality, and in so doing, made an important contribution to our community and beyond.


Virginia Merion DeNenno – Ginny believed in the value of collecting, preserving and sharing our local history, and achieved that vision through the establishment of the Virginia Merion DeNenno History and Educational Center at the Pierce-Willits House.


Rachel Kohl – Rachel believed in the power of books and began our first Community Township Library in the elementary school, which eventually blossomed into the Rachel Kohl Library on Smithbridge Road.


Olga V Bird – An African American, Olga believed in the importance of voting, education and a loving home.  Olga & James Byrd, tenant farmers, raised eight children in Concordville. Those 8 children went on to lead successful lives and become homeowners