Learn About Our Recent Work – Review the 2022 Membership Letter Here

Dear Members and Friends of the Concord Township Historical Society,

We write this letter with hope for a much safer and prosperous new year. The last year has been difficult, but we hope for a new beginning in 2022. 

We send you our sincerest appreciation to all who were able to contribute donations and dues for 2021. We know it was a difficult year and we were especially grateful for those who made a larger donation.

Following CDC and state guidelines, our museum was not open most of last year. Though we were able to take the first steps to getting back to “normal.” In September, we did open on Concord Township Community Day and had fourteen people go through the museum. We also arranged a private tour for a group from Delaware. In October, we had a Fun and Games horse show at Tory Farm on Ivy Mills Road for the student riders as a fundraiser. We plan to open our museum the third Sunday of each month starting in February but must consider the safety of our members and the public in all decisions that bring people together. 

The board has resumed our regular activities of updating our web site, organizing, cataloging, and planning new exhibits and events. To preserve the historical papers and pictures, we are digitizing our collection. We are also working more closely with the Historical Commission and Concord Township to promote our mission to preserve local history. 

Please consider ongoing support of the important work to preserve Concord Township history by completing the enclosed 2022 dues or donating on the website via PayPal.

Please visit our website (www.concordhist.org) for our 2022 Calendar and updates on our museum opening and events. Also check out our Facebook page at Concord Township Historical Society for updates. We are always available for prearranged appointments and private tours by calling or email.

Our thoughts are with each one of you as well as your families and friends. Stay safe as we look forward to a less stressful 2022.


Thank you again,

Kathy Kida and Cliff Holgate

Membership Committee


Margaret Holgate, Corresponding Secretary