Bush Hill – Palmer-Poole and Wilson Palmer

Bush Hill Palmer-Poole and Wilson Palmer

Garnet Mine Road and 40 Bethel Road

Bush Hill was named by the Rose Tree Hunt Club, because of the low growth foliage, called “bush”, that provided cover for the fox. Concord Township was prime hunt country from as early as 1715 until well into the 1960’s.

Moses Palmer bought a large parcel from an original 1681 tract, in 1787. His son Joseph built a log barn in 1791, which was rebuilt in the 1870’s by George Poole, using the original foundation and log joists. This red barn is located on Garnet Mine Road, near the intersection with Bethel Road and is Historic Resource #1.

Wilson Palmer, Joseph’s son, built a home in 1834 on a parcel next to his father’s, and then later a barn and springhouse in the late 1830’s. A second springhouse on this property, along Bethel Road, originally belonged to the property across the street and was given to Concord Township by Delaware County in 2004. This property is Historic Resource #72.

Today both of these properties are owned by Concord Township, purchased in 1999 and total 34 acres. Bush Hill is the site of many Park & Rec activities and the townships Dog Park.