Welcome to the Concord Township Historical Society

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Welcome to the

Concord Township Historical Society!

Headquartered at the
Virginia Merion DeNenno History & Educational Center
at the Pierce-Willits House, 659 Smithbridge Road
in Concord Township.

Our mission is to "collect, preserve, and share” the rich history of Concord Township.   We are stewards for the Pierce-Willits House where our collections and our museum are located, and we also care for the Polecat Road House, our founding symbol, located at 194 Polecat Road.

We are proud to be able to share our history with the public through the exhibits in our museum, renovated in 2013, which features early surveys, deeds and photos, a history of our one-room schools, when the trains came to Concord, early Home and Farm Life in the 1800’s, and more.

Earlier this year, we reopened our museum with a new exhibit about the Beaver Valley in the western end of our township, featuring the Green family and their legacy that lasts until today.

Come and visit us and learn about the history that surrounds us every day!

 We Had Visitors!

Click Here for the Girl Scout visitors.

Click Here for the 5th grade visitors.


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"Stories about local history by a local writer."

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Monthly Open House

Museum Open 1-4 p.m.
on selected dates

2017 dates to be announced.


CTHS Birthday Party

June 3, 2017

Birthday Cake, Children’s Activities, sale of old photos and watercolor prints by a local artist of our 200-year-old Copper Beech Tree featured in our 50th Logo.   Museum Open.

50th tree

Fall 2017 Activities

  • ‘Shrooms & ‘Vrooms
  • Copper Beech Tree Planting
    at Pierce-Willits
  • Redbud Tree Planting
    at Polecat Road House
  • Equestrian 'Paper Chase"
    in Beaver Valley

Stay tuned, more info to follow. 


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