Welcome to the Concord Township Historical Society – our 51st year

  • Carriage House where Farm Life is located
  • Home Life in the 1800's
  • Visitors in the East Room at the 1913 Map
  • Farm Life in the 1800's and early 1900's
  • Peonies were one of the crops grown and sold on the Willits Farm
  • Concord Township in the early years
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Did You Know?

The first three Christian congregations (Quaker, Anglican & Catholic) in Concord defied their history of bitter enmity, even violence in England by living cooperatively in the New World.

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History Unlocked

“Stories about local history
by a local writer.”

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Stories about our Local History features a Local Writer who was raised in Concord and developed a love of history and our community from an early age.  She wrote monthly stories for us about the history of Concord, about subjects that piqued her interest and inspired her.

December’s Article is the last in the series, and we thank Karen for helping us celebrate our 50th Anniversary, by giving us such interesting stories to enlighten our understanding of the history of Concord as well as our State.

Our Museum and Headquarters

Virginia Merion DeNenno History & Educational Center
at the Pierce-Willits House, 659 Smithbridge Road
in Concord Township.

In 1967, a few history minded people joined together to save an early 1750’s mill workers house, threatened by an early housing development.  From that auspicious beginning, our Society was formed.

Our mission is to “collect, preserve, and share” the rich history of Concord Township.   We are stewards for the Pierce-Willits House where our collections and our museum are located, and we also care for the Polecat Road House, our founding symbol, located at 194 Polecat Road.

We are proud to be able to share our history with the public through the exhibits in our museum, renovated in 2013, which features early surveys, deeds and photos, a history of our one-room schools, when the trains came to Concord, early Home and Farm Life in the 1800’s, and more.

Come and visit us and learn about the history that surrounds us every day!



Chase for History

Check out the photos from the

First Annual Chase for History

          October 7, 2017

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