Volunteer Opportunities

CTHS needs you! We are looking for interested volunteers to help us
share our historic legacy for future generations.

“Opportunities are varied.  The paybacks are priceless.”


The heart and soul of every local history organization is its volunteers. If you have a strong interest in local history, you can make a difference with us.  Many different skills and talents are necessary to keep CTHS alive and well.  Here are some ways that you could help us, but please do not limit your enthusiasm to help if you are not sure you qualify.  We love energy for our historic past!

1 – Collections, Admin, and Research: are you detail-oriented and interested in delving into the secret life of historic objects/artifacts/photos?  are you computer-savvy and comfortable with learning new software?  is one of your strengths organization, along with a desire for perfection?  do you enjoy digging into data and finding out new bits of history? do you like to organize lists and enjoy perfect alignment of data?  can you work easily with Excel and other common software to help manage membership records, make labels, produce text for letters, newsletters and so on?

2 – Education: does your job history include teaching in public or private schools?  do you have a passion for reaching out to our young people and helping them understand the rich history that exists in Concord Township?  can you help us design and implement plans to engage our young people with “hands-on” local history?

3 – Fund Raising/Grant Writing:

  • do you have experience in and energy for the fine art of bringing in monetary contributions from those who have the ability to give?
  • would you like to write grants to bring in funds for special projects?

4 – Volunteering at the museum and at events: do you enjoy social events and mingling with new members of the community?  would you be interested in planning events?   are you flexible as to time requirements and like following directions as well as providing direction to others based on a given plan?  would you like to be a Docent in our museum and enrich our visitor’s experience with your knowledge of our history?

5 – Buildings & Grounds:

  • do you have a love of historic architecture and/or enjoy learning about historic buildings?  do you have a skill that might lend itself to the maintenance of the two historic structures under our purview?  do you like working with your hands and providing carpentry, electrical, masonry skills to help us preserve them?
  • is your thumb green?  would you enjoy helping to enhance the grounds around our historic structures and maintaining them year round?  do you have an understanding of what might be historically appropriate for 17th and 18th century homes?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, please contact us

Or, you can print this form  that includes your contact info and interest level, and mail to CTHS, PO Box 152, Concordville PA 19331
Or call us at 610-459-8556

We look forward to hearing from you.

Did You Know?

Paper for the first U.S. Currency was produced by the Wilcox’s Ivy Mills

Ivy Mills Property