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We are an all-volunteer organization so all money is used directly for collections management and exhibits at our museum; maintainance of the Pierce-Willits house, where our museum is located, and the Pole Cat Road House; web development; and necessary materials for membership enrollment and public outreach.

In 2017, we are having a special fund drive to help us purchase UV Protection Window Shades for our museum and our collections.  They will be installed on the first and second floors of the Pierce-Willits House where our museum and collections are housed.  Since it is our 50th Anniversary, we are asking for donations of $50 or more, but of course, any amount would be greatly appreciated!

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Did You Know?

The first three Christian congregations (Quaker, Anglican & Catholic) in Concord defied their history of bitter enmity, even violence in England by living cooperatively in the New World.

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