50th Anniversary Fund Drive

2017 marks our 50th Year!

The first meeting of the Society took place on January 30, 1967, in order to raise funds to preserve and renovate the Polecat Road House.  We have come a long way since then, with many Accomplishments.

Our Museum is in dire need of UV protection for all of our windows, in order to preserve our museum and our collection.  We have received an estimate of $2500 to install window shades on both the first and second floors of the Pierce-Willits House where our museum and collections are housed.

We are asking our members to consider an additional $50 to their annual dues, in honor of our 50th Anniversary.  We will be asking our local businesses for donations as well.

We appreciate any donations to this important project, and thank  you for your generosity.

Click here for the 2017 donation/annual membership form

Did You Know?

The first three Christian congregations (Quaker, Anglican & Catholic) in Concord defied their history of bitter enmity, even violence in England by living cooperatively in the New World.

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